Abundance & Prosperity

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “abundance” and “prosperity”? Is it financial freedom, fulfilling relationships, having a career you love and enjoy? Of course, it means all of these things and more. When we expand our minds and move beyond our limiting beliefs we open ourselves to endless possibilities. How much “good” are you able to allow into your life? … [Read More...]

Attracting Love & Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Your relationships are a direct reflection of you. Attracting healthy, loving relationships is an important part of experiencing a life of abundance and happiness that we all seek. Are your relationships nonexistent, problematic or fleeting? Do you constantly find yourself dating the wrong guys? Are you seeking a deeper connection in your relationships? Developing a … [Read More...]

Happily Single

Society places a huge emphasis on being coupled and singles are often stigmatized and viewed as the lost souls of the world. For many gay men; however, remaining single might be the best decision. But are you really remaining single by choice or because there are internal conflicts that prevent you from connecting to someone on a deeper level? Through purposeful inquiry … [Read More...]

Career Fulfillment

Are you stuck in a job that no longer satisfies you? Do you have a “workstyle” or a “lifestyle”? Are you thinking about starting your own business but don’t know what it is or where to start? One of the most important aspects of personal happiness is having a career or job that excites you. Together we can explore your passions and develop a plan to make it happen. … [Read More...]

Creative Spirit of the Artist

As an artist and writer, I know the challenges you face in the pursuit of your career. The need to prove yourself, the eternal job search and dealing with constant rejection can wear away at the best of us. Perhaps you are questioning your career choice and wondering what else you can do and how you can stay creative. I’ve certainly been there and can assist you through … [Read More...]

Forty Something

Are you a forty something gay man who is wondering what’s next in life? Did you expect to be at a different place in your life then you are now? Do you have unfulfilled hopes and dreams that you know you can still accomplish? Let’s explore these crossroads and develop a plan to create your best life yet! … [Read More...]

Beyond Therapy & Recovery

Therapy and recovery can help you to heal past hurts and emotional wounds providing you with greater insight and clarity to improve your life. Once you are clear, you are no longer burdened by the emotional issues of the past. After therapy or recovery many people realize that they have many goals and dreams they never thought were possible. Life gets exciting as new … [Read More...]

Finding Balance

The difficulties of trying to meet your own needs as well as the needs of work and the demands that others place upon you can be extremely stressful. The challenge is even greater for single gay men who have the added responsibilities of extended family members, caring for pets, trying to build or maintain a social life and having to make ends meet on one paycheck. … [Read More...]

The New Gay Man

If you have recently “come out” you are probably feeling confused and lost as you try to adapt and adjust to life as a new gay man. Perhaps you recently ended a marriage, have children and are now dealing with living alone. You don’t believe that you need psychotherapy but you want support as you move into your new life. I can assist and support you through the process for … [Read More...]