Creative Spirit of the Artist “As an artist and writer, I know the challenges you face in the pursuit of your career. The need to prove yourself, the eternal job search and dealing with constant rejection can wear away at the best of us. Perhaps you are questioning your career choice and wondering what else you can do and how you can stay creative. I've certainly been there and can assist you through the process. Maybe you want to remain in your chosen profession but are seeking better ways to manage yourself and your life as you pursue your creativity.

Making Your Dreams a Reality

As children, we were fully alive with our dreams. Sadly, over the years we convinced ourselves that our dreams could never come true. We listened to many adults around us who frequently told us to “face reality” and so we assumed that our dreams were just unrealistic fantasies. Consequently, many of us never even tried to make our dreams come true.

Believe it or not, your dreams can become reality! However, you won’t get anywhere by simply making a wish. You have to take specific actions to increase your chances of living the life you always dreamed of.

Here are some simple techniques to get you started:

1. You must possess passion and desire. These two elements are crucial for living your dream and you really can’t have one without the other. You must yearn to have something in your life so much (desire) and for the right reasons (passion).

          • A good example to illustrate the difference would be if you always wanted to be a professional singer. You know that you have the talent and all you want in life is to sing on a professional stage someday (desire). Your focus isn’t the money, fame, or prestige; you just have a genuine love for singing. It’s all you think about throughout the day, every day (passion).

2. Patience. Patience isn’t easy, but in most cases, our dreams don’t come true overnight. You need to work hard to achieve your full potential. Though it may take longer than you hoped for, once you’re living your dream, you’ll realize that practicing patience was well worth the rewards.

          • Remember to remain positive, focus on your dreams, and keep taking action to make those dreams a reality. Visualize yourself doing what you love to do…really feel what it’s like to have achieved it.

3. Sacrifice. Achieving your dreams will require some self-sacrifice. This is usually where most people can gauge how serious they really are about turning their dreams into reality. Whether it is giving up your TV time to work toward your goals, or spending extra hours at work to further your career, you have to be willing to sacrifice something.

          • If you’re truly passionate about your dreams, this shouldn’t be too difficult. If you do find sacrifice extremely difficult, it may be that you don’t possess enough desire, passion, willpower, or self-discipline to see your dreams through.

4. Confidence. If you truly want to make your dreams real, you have to believe they can happen. You must possess an intense confidence in yourself and your talents; otherwise, your dreams will remain dreams forever.

           • Sometimes your confidence may waiver, but as long as you can focus on your ultimate goal – and you can actually see yourself achieving this goal – you’re heading in the right direction.

Final Thoughts on Achieving Your Dreams

No one can steal your dreams away from you except you. Sometimes we can be our own worst
enemy, biggest obstacle, and harshest critic. But that’s not what you need! You need to be supportive of yourself. Remember that, by taking action and implementing these simple tips and suggestions, your dreams can come true.

Keep your focus on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; it will happen if you believe it can! You must believe it to see it!