Inner Peace Affirmations

I Am Gay, Happy and Free!

 You’ve heard it countless times that happiness comes from within, and this is absolutely true. Yet it’s also a fact that we sometimes need external motivation in order for us to achieve what makes us happy. Everyone has a different idea of what they need to be happy. No matter what it is, we all desire joy in our lives.

As gay men, we sometimes look outside of ourselves and make comparisons. We may feel that we come up short in some way. We don’t have the right body. We don’t make or have as much money as our friends. We don’t even have so many friends. We don’t travel and lead exciting lives like other gay guys we know.

If you’re like me, you may have often wondered, Where do I fit in? I know I’m gay, but I don’t always relate to what’s expected of me as a gay man. Well, the truth is, when you come to realize and accept that you don’t have to fit into anyone’s mold of what it means to be a gay man, freedom and happiness ensue. You now get to create your life in your own unique way. You step into the driver’s seat, and you become the leader of your life.

Here are a few tips you can use as a guide to live authentically and increase your happiness:

Acknowledge your need to be happy. Although most of us say we want to be happy not everyone has a strong enough desire to make it their primary goal. We get bogged down by life’s challenges, which can lead us into frustration, anger and even depression. Although we may not always have control over what happens in our lives, we definitely have control over our thoughts, interpretations, and reactions to life events. Ask yourself: Do I want to be right or happy? What is most important here? Then refocus your attention on your emotional well-being. What would make you feel better in this moment?

Let go of the status quo. If your life no longer feels like it fits who you are, it’s time to be honest with yourself. Give up the need to be like everyone else. Stop behaving in preconceived ways because you are gay and think you must live accordingly. You don’t have to live an “image” of what it means to be gay. Learn to live authentically by being true to yourself, not what society or anyone else dictates to you.

Know what makes you tick. Every individual is different in the way they perceive happiness. Although we all share the basic goal of happiness in life, we may have dissimilar outlooks on how to get there. One man’s heaven is another man’s hell. Understanding your personality and preferences will give you clarity on what makes you happy and how you can remain in that state for longer and longer periods of time.

Discover the things that make you happy. Start to brainstorm and make a list of the things that bring you joy. Jot down everything and be truthful. This may include material items, or intangible ones like being loved by someone, getting your dream job, traveling around the world, and so forth. Engaging in activities, and spending time with people, in places, and with things that bring you joy on a more frequent basis will definitely increase your happiness.

Make an action plan. Once you have identified items on your list that are crucial for your happiness, it’s time for implementation. Set goals that are aligned with your authentic self; develop a plan, and make a commitment to make them happen.

Seek support. No man is an island. We all need support and encouragement. Locate a mentor, therapist, or life coach who can support you in achieving your goals. Make an investment in yourself. You are your number one asset. Don’t neglect yourself. Give yourself the gift of someone who can fully support you on your journey.

Get moving and be happy. Remember, as you shoot for happiness you must also savor the journey and choose to be happy each day. In every stage of life we can always find things to be grateful for. Acknowledge your achievements and be grateful for your life as it is right now. You can still set goals while embracing the now. Cultivate the positive feelings you experience as you move forward, knowing you are on the path to being all you want to be. You’ll discover that you are already a much happier guy!

How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now, and there will never be a time when it is not now. ~ Gerald Jampolsky

I Do What I Love!

If you want to make a difference in your life and in the world, you will definitely need passion to make it happen. The single most important thing you can do is to consciously and deliberately choose to do things that you love.

The biggest changes happen because of individuals who are profoundly passionate, and have a great love for what they do.

No other selection can have a bigger impact on the planet, or your life.

If you’re doing things that you find mundane, you won’t have much of an impact. You may be supplied with some measure of value, i.e., enough money to pay your rent or make ends meet; however, you will not be prompting change. And you sure won’t be exciting and inspiring others.

On the flip side, if you do things that fire you up, keep you excited, interested, and satisfied, you will accomplish incredible things. You will give yourself to it entirely. You will find yourself in the flow. You won’t care about putting in extra time, because you know it’s worth it. In fact, time will cease to exist because you are completely focused in the moment. You are being fueled by something greater that gives you a lot of energy – your passion!

Gay men tend to be passionate individuals. Dealing with our sexuality caused us to take a look at ourselves. We also developed many ways of coping with stigma for being who we are. We found interests and passions to express ourselves. Just look at how we excel in the areas of design, art, music, sports, etc.

I encourage you to keep your passion alive by doing what you love.

If you are uncertain or stuck about it, think about some of your early hopes and dreams.

  • What were you excited or passionate about as a child or adolescent?
  • What drove you?
  • Who did you admire, and why?
  • What tasks or activities made time stand still whenever you did them?

Reconnect with these things and explore them within yourself.

Clarity and commitment are the greatest steps. You will get there. No one can stop you if you want it enough. And always remember, the universe needs you to do what you love. Nothing else can produce more change, or have a bigger impact.

Give yourself permission.  Your gifts are needed.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” ~ Steve Jobs


I Choose to Simplify My Life.

Summer is the time we seek relief, embrace a slower pace, and enjoy the simplicity of life. Yet, how would it be to simplify all the time? Sadly, things keep getting more hectic in society, and it’s hard to keep up with it all.

Here are some tips to get off the treadmill, reduce stress, and simplify your life:

  • Recognize that less is more. Quit believing the illusion that more is better. Stop and consider the areas where you’re lured into thinking that having more is better. Write them down. Are they really necessary? Say it aloud: less is more.
  • Stop saying “yes” to everything. Are you being asked to accept more responsibility at work or in your business? Are you deciding to accept a new job or promotion? Ask yourself if it’s worth it. What’s the impact on your time, health, and relationships? Remember: less is more.
  • Put up a dry-erase board somewhere in your house so it’s always available. Make a daily “to-do” list and mark things off as you complete them. Utilize a day planner or calendar to incorporate your life with your list.
  • Start putting your daily activities into a smaller circle. Living close to where you work may dramatically cut down on your stress … even more so if you could work from home. Find local resources and businesses to make things easier for you. Make it your goal to have a 5 mile or less daily radius.
  • As you narrow your circle, you can downsize your expenses too. Eliminate the second car. If you’re single, can you get by without a car at all? Rent or buy a smaller home with less expenses and less to maintain. Calculate the monthly expenditures on your car, home, utilities, etc. Are all these items necessary and worth keeping? Could you rent a car every once in a while, rather than making monthly payments to economize? Could you pay for a hotel room for guests and save on extra expenses, time, and the strain of having them stay with you? How can you make your life easier and simpler?

Do your best whenever you can to simplify, simplify, simplify, and in the process, maybe you’ll discover just how relaxed you become, and how rich you really are.